bog myrtle oil


Bog Myrtle – the star of our shelf.


A seemingly bizarre addition to firm favourites lemon and lavender, the humble bog myrtle has certainly had its fifteen minutes of fame – and for good reason.  At the Scottish Open, the lesser known oil took centre stage as possibly the most useful of all the essential oils we use, for Scottish Highlanders in particular. Why? Because buried within the essence of the plant are midge repelling properties. And, if you have ever taken a stroll through a Highland woodland in the height of summer, you will suddenly become very interested in these properties. Midge bites are miserable, and can ruin an otherwise lovely Scottish outing. What if you could bid those pests farewell, just by applying some body butter? It’s an attractive prospect.


As for the other oils in the blend, there are many benefits to be had from application. Lemon, native to India, is the ideal partner for bog myrtle, as it has long been celebrated as an antiseptic against bites from disease-carrying insects. Returning to our summer walk through a Scottish forest, plagued by midges with the sun beating down, lemon is also particularly fresh and cooling on a hot day – though you might be waiting quite some time to experience a hot day in this country!  For those with high blood pressure of circulatory problems, give lemon essential oil a try – it is thought to help boost blood flow.


In terms of skin, lemon oil has much to offer. By removing dead skin cells (without exfoliation, which can often be harmful if too abrasive), skin appears far more luminous and lively. Scar tissue, too, responds very well to the oil, and appears softer. Hands would thank you for a little lemon, as it is said to guard against brittle nails.


Lavender is a classic, bursting with goodness. Nevertheless, with its woody undertones and strong, distinctive floral scent, users tend to either love it or hate it. If you are in the latter category, don’t rush to dismiss this blend. This is not purely lavender, and the combination of the other oils creates an entirely new scent that makes the range of Bog Myrtle, Lemon and Lavender products some of our best sellers.


Lavender oil is another insect busting dream.  Like most essential oils, lavender is also an excellent reliever of stress, which is why it is so commonly used before bed as a relaxant. The oil, however, packs an extra punch. If you are feeling really agitated, or even angry, lavender is remarkably soothing. So – if those midges are really getting on your nerves, you can be happy in the knowledge that you are not only sporting three types of insect repellent, but also an oil to keep you calm, leaving you to just enjoy the great outdoors. And, if you do enjoy some sunshine, it also works wonders on sunburn!


Bog Myrtle, Lemon and Lavender – never leave for a summer walk without it.



Best product: Bog Myrtle, Lemon and Lavender Moisturising Lotion