Lime oil


Of all our blends, the Lemongrass and Lime continues to prove most popular.  While most agree it is the freshest, tingliest blend, fans cannot quite put their finger on why they love this scent the most.  Hoping to shed a little light on the matter, here’s the low-down on the Lemongrass and Lime.


Refreshing lime, sweeter than lemon, originates from Asia, and is now cultivated in Italy, the West Indies and the Americas. It is well known for acting as a activating and stimulating scent – which could be at the root of its popularity. Work lime into your morning shower, and you could notice a significant improvement to a sluggish mind,  before you’ve even taken a sip of your coffee.


Medicinal benefits also come as part of the lime package deal. Colds and flus are nasty and unavoidable, but lime can help to ease certain symptoms, such as cooling fever, easing breathing to lessen coughs, and restoring energy after a run-down period. For those with greasy skin, expect clearer, brighter results after cleansing with lime.


While the light touch comes courtesy of lime, the sharpness in the blend is thanks to the lemongrass oil. Distilled from two species of cultivated fresh grass, India was historically fond of the oil, which was thought to, like lime, calm fevers but also reduce infection and arrest the development of tumours. While this seems quite extreme, lemongrass and lime are excellent partners, with both sharing certain antiseptic properties.


A word of warning: lemongrass is best applied in small doses, as it can be irritating to sensitive skin. But, like lime, the oil is the perfect option after a busy day at the office, or a long haul flight. The list of possible benefits are endless; easing aching muscles, clearing headaches, toning skin, clearing acne…this is an oil that comes with a great deal of potential.


If you can coax your pooch into the bath, lemongrass also works wonders on pets, ridding them of pests and fleas and freshening up their fur!


Lemongrass and Lime – it’s the ideal wake up call.



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