Got a question?


We’ve gathered up all the burning questions we have had most often about NESS over the years and collated them in a handy list here. If we haven’t answered your question, we’ll be happy to hear from you.  Just drop us an email, give us a ring, or pop in.


● Are all your products organic and SLS free?

All of our products are natural, not tested on animals (only willing humans!) and SLS free. They are, however, not
● What is SLS?

SLS is a caustic detergent which is used for removing grease. It can often be found in toiletries, but is known to sometimes cause irritation to skin.
● Are your products hypoallergenic?

As everyone’s skin is so different, it would be impossible to say how likely our range of products would be to cause an allergic reaction. We do, however, choose our ingredients carefully and aim for as natural and locally sourced ingredients as possible.
● Which product is best for sensitive skin?

Although Ness Handmade Products products in general are natural and handmade, containing little that would prompt sensitive skin to react.
● Are the bottles recyclable?

NESS would encourage all users to recycle to protect the environment, particularly as it gives us all we need to make our toiletries!
● What is the difference between glycerine soap and cold process soap?

The difference is mainly determined by the process followed to make the soap. Cold process soap is made from scratch, involving a lengthy production time, and an additional curing period for a month, whereby the soap hardens and completes the chemical process, allowing it to last for longer. Glycerine soap is far more straightforward to make, as a cosmetic base is used. The base is melted and oils, colouring and any other ingredients are added to the mixture to create unique bars. No curing time is necessary – the soap only needs to set in moulds and be trimmed. More simply, cold process soap is hard, opaque, naturally coloured and creates a creamy lather; while glycerine soap is usually brightly coloured, transparent and has a slippery, smooth and softer texture. When advising the customer which soap they should buy, find out whether they are looking for something just to add colour or interest to their bathroom, or whether skin care is of the utmost importance. If the former, glycerine soap allows for more attractive products, whereas cold process is slightly better for the skin, particularly sensitive skin.
● Can you use body wash for hair care?

Yes, our range of body washes are carefully blended and gentle enough to use on the scalp. It is perfectly safe. Nevertheless, should you prefer, you can use our shampoos and conditioners for extra hydration.